Thursday, 24 April 2014


Hey beautiful people. As you can tell I am a Tamar Braxton fan.She is quite a character and she definitely gave some life to the quote 'ain't nobody got time for that" For those who watch her show,don't you feel kinda sorry for her husband Vince sometimes? She is definitely #teamtoomuch. I saw this t shirt at a mr price store here in Mombasa and decided to purchase it.I was looking for a good salon and trust me to wonder into clothing stores instead.smh

I paired the simple t shirt with my faded distressed denims and baby pink heels.For accessories, I went with a gold necklace from unique accessories Kenya,a pair of bangles and sunglasses.A structured black bag Kinda finished off the look and I was ready to go about my business.
heels from adams
sunglasses from mr price

handbag from a store in eastleigh,bangles,gifted
As usual,let me know your thoughts and sharing is caring,let your social media friends get to read this post as well :)

pictures by JB

Monday, 21 April 2014


How was your Easter guys? seems like everyone else but me traveled. Well,I didn't have to really because I have moved to Mombasa and I just spent my first Easter here.I will be living and working in the coastal region, and I am so excited about my new life ventures here.I am glad JB is here on holiday for a while so we will continue to work together for now.Anyway, to my outfit....

Colour looks beautiful on a sunny day and I always have that memo with me.I paired my yellow cotton top with my kitenge skirt which I have worn a few times here on the blog.I love this combination because it's so vibrant and puts me in a good mood.My achie otigo clutch was my bag of choice and I settled on this comfortable pair of brown heels.I finished off the look with my cool necklace from unique accessories Kenya and a black pair of sunnies.I can't wait to get all my shoes and and clothes here..I am lost without them :(
Back to work now and I am so in the holiday mood still.But I'm glad I had a good rest and now I can focus more and put an effort here and there in whatever I am doing.Thank you Jesus,like for real :)
As usual,let me know what you think of this outfit in the comment section below

pictures by JB

Saturday, 19 April 2014


Hey guys
so,I was nominated for the sunshine award by two bloggers (how amazing is that?) one being karen and the other was my good friend over at www.kazinidaily.com
What are the rules you may ask?
1)use the logo above in your post
2)link to whoever nominated you for the award
3)write ten things about you
4)nominate ten other bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others

Since i am done with number one and two already,lets go to......drum rolls......

1)I am a good dancer.I used to be in a dance group in my uni days and have actually danced in like three music videos.lol
2)I love the Nigerian entertainment industry.It is so vibrant...I am always on linda ikeji and bella naija blogs and i always get 80% of what they are talking about.oh not forgetting watching toolz's the juice interviews on ndani tv!!!! (hides face)
3)I have a matatu chronicles note book where I document anything I or passengers experience in matatus i ride in.juicy stories I tell ya.
4)I travel a lot. For the past year or so I haven't been in the same town for more than two weeks!!!!!!
5) I am scared of trying out colour when it comes to my hair.I am always in black weaves,black braids black everything.i only tried maroon highlights on a weave once in my life
6)despite my surname being Bandari, no,I don't have roots from the coastal region and Bandari FC is not a family football club.thanks
7)I don't have scars on my skin so I did cry when I got one on my hand.I couldn't believe it.
8)I only swim breast stroke and if my feet can't touch the floor of a swimming pool then no ma'am,ain't going to the deep end honey,okay??!!
9)I am a third born
10)I buy magazines every month and once i check out the fashion spread,i read the feature story and that's it.It can take me forever to read everything else.(this however depends on the type of magazine)

1)wanjiru style
4)wamboi kay
6)christine sasha
8)glamour zone
9)style sketches
10)raliat the fashion fanatic

Happy Easter my people and hope you get to discover more bloggers on top of the list I had blogged about earlier on my fave kenyan fashion bloggers

Thursday, 10 April 2014


I am fully aware that a lot has been said in regards to what is essential to have in your closet and this includes everything from that little black dress to the perfect blazer.However I would love to have a different approach to wardrobe essential..I am taking my new definition of wardrobe essential as something you have which gives you instant fabulosity. It is essential in that it is the to go to piece for that instant glam that you desperately want

Ever been invited to an all white party and you just can't find a white dress? that is part of the reason why you should have one.It's easy to stand out in a room of ladies wearing LBDs and it will always be a classic as well

It doesn't really matter the colour or design but a tuxedo blazer is one of the most overlooked yet classic fab piece that oozes elegance instantly.This should definitely be a wardrobe staple.when you get a random invite to an event and have no idea what to wear,just add a tuxedo blazer to your simple look and voila!!!

Need I say more?

The thing I love about these shoes is their versatility. You can wear them with a skirt, a dress, jeans,shorts etc.they have a touch of sophistication and they are timeless.You can stock on neutral colours so that you can pair them with a wide range of ensembles

The styling capability for the white blouse is endless.you can dress it up with a skater or pencil skirt or dress it down with denims and shorts.Jewellery makes a difference when it comes to this piece

Pencil skirts give a lovely silhouette especially high waist pencil skirts.Depending on styling,they can be worn to work,events,school and meetings.Stock up on different colours for variety and choose a length that best compliments the look you are going for

create your own wardrobe essentials and share with me
thank you for passing by
enjoy the weekend.XOXO


Just a quick post today.I wore this vintage purple dress over the weekend.I love the colour against my skin so much so that I decided to be colourful with everything.With that theme in mind,I wore purple heels and A  multi colored necklace.Ahem,now that I'm seeing Lupita Nyon'go rocking an almost similar hairstyle as mine,could she have read my blog??? lol
Have a lovely day my loves
i would die for this dress

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


sasha from http://www.moiology.com/

Midi skirts have been on trend for a while now.What about the mermaid midi skirts?? I have seen a few bloggers rock this trend.At first I had mixed feelings about it but the more I see people wearing it the more I like it.In my opinion,fit is everything when it comes to this trend and curvy girls are in for a kill with this one.You can go monochrome with this or colour block it through out your ensemble.Alternatively,you can wear it with a crop top or a fun sweater.Structured trench coats look better with this skirt when compared to your usual blazer.The secret is to style this skirt in whichever way that compliments your style and figure without looking like you are forcing it.At the end of the day,not every trend is for everyone but make it your own.
stella of http://www.jadore-fashion.com/
you cannot leave out a midi dress on this as well
What do you think of this trend?? do you love it? would you rock it?
let me know in the comment section below.
if you have worn this,leave a link to your post so that we can check it out
I might try this,especially the pink looks awesome.time will tell

Monday, 7 April 2014


How cute was Taylor swift at ACM awards though? I love that she tried something outside the box for her red carpet look. she was definitely winning in the fashion depatment
what do you guys think?
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